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From chocolate bars to fresh snacks, from gift vouchers to e-cigarettes:

Lekkerland offers everything consumers might want in a convenience shop or filling station. We are wholesalers, but we deliver more than just goods to our customers.

We offer solutions based on expertise and experience – and want to be “your most convenient partner” for our customers.

Our product range

From coffee to bread rolls according to target group taste: our food and food service range
Cold drinks, coffee specialties, cold and hot snacks, sweets and snacks – these are the typical products that are in demand in convenience shops, petrol stations and kiosks in all countries.

In addition to these classic assortments, Lekkerland also reliably supplies fresh and super fresh foods such as salads, bread spreads or typical regional products to round off the shop offering.

In Spain, Lekkerland is an expert in fast food and supplies all the ingredients for a perfect burger. Consumers expect freshness, quality and variety in their on-the-go supply – and that’s exactly what we deliver to our customers.

You want to know who develops the recipes for delicious snacks and sandwiches? Get to know the foodservice expert Ronald Janse from the Netherlands

More than cigarettes: our tobacco range
We are experts in the field of tobacco. As a specialist wholesaler, we stock around 3500 different tobacco products – much more than just cigarettes! In addition to the classical frequency increaser we offer to our customers a comprehensive and current tobacco assortment which comprises of well-known A-brand cigarettes as well as the E-cigarette and suitable utensils and our lower-priced private label BUFFALO.
Beautiful and useful things to take with you: our non-food assortment
We also fulfil all customer wishes throughout Europe regarding non-food. Forgot your mobile phone charging cable? Boredom on the road? Antifreeze for your car empty? We have something against that: high-quality brand products as well as alternative brand products from our non-food range that will boost your shop business. We offer you complete non-food concepts with everything your heart desires: charging cables, gifts or soft toys. In Germany, our subsidiary amv complements the non-food assortment.
Three letters - countless prepaid offers: our e-va assortment
The high-turnover products from the electronic value (e-va) segment are now an indispensable part of filling stations and convenience stores. Whether it’s top-up credit, SIM, payment or gift cards, consumers like to take advantage of the uncomplicated option of buying a quick gift on the go or replenishing their mobile phone with new credit. Under the umbrella of e-va, Lekkerland offers vouchers and credit balances from the most popular providers and online stores in many European countries. And not only that: Lekkerland offers its customers an all-round concept. From setting up the technical infrastructure to the sales display in the shop, our customers receive all services from one single source. The e-va range is available in five European countries and is offered at over 30,000 points of sale in Germany alone.

What do you need and how much of it? We fulfil your wishes. Guaranteed.

Whether small quantities or complete marketing mandates: No matter how large your demand is, your shop shelves will soon be filled thanks to our individual offers.
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