Lekkerland – a group with a clear goal


Lekkerland – a group with many facets and a clear goal: We want to be “Your most convenient partner” for our customers and contribute to their success with our tailor-made services.

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Lekkerland’s enablers

It is our vision to be “Your most convenient partner” for our customers. We want to be the best partner they have. To achieve this, we rely on our three enablers agility, entrepreneurship and clarity.

Agility: We´re proactive

We offer tailor-made products, concepts, services and solutions to meet the needs of our customers and end consumers in Europe.
We act quickly and proactively.
We try out new things and drive innovation.

Entrepreneurship: We assume responsibility

We act responsibly.
We come up with ideas – and rapidly put good concepts into practice. The commercial success of our customers is what drives us.
We want to be successful in the long term – and get better and better.

Clarity: We deliver on our promises

Our customers can fully rely on us at all times.
We systematically pursue our guiding vision of being “Your most convenient partner” for our customers – and everyone knows how and what they need to do to achieve this goal.
We’re one team.

Vision & Mission

Your most convenient partner
Your most convenient partner
that’s what we want to be for our customers. Every day. In everything we do.
We make our customers successful.
We make our customers successful.
Because we’re the specialist for on-the-go consumption.

Our innovative services, tailor-made logistics and a broadly-based wholesale product range make us the expert, committed and reliable partner for our customers in many countries of Europe.

Our focus is on the needs of our customers and consumers.

We – that is the team of Lekkerland and Conway.

Hello and Hola

With four countries, around 5,400 employees and approximately 74,000 serviced points of sales, our logistics, wholesale and retail enablement portfolio knows no boundaries. Whether in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands or Spain, customers everywhere appreciate our high quality standards.

Lekkerland in Germany was founded in 1960 as a merger of various confectionery wholesalers. Today, Lekkerland in Germany, with a turnover of around 8.5 billion euros (2022) and 3.500 employees, is the largest national company in the Lekkerland Group and offers its customers a wide range of products, flexible logistics and tailor-made services. Lekkerland Deutschland supplies tobacco products, food-to-go, non-food products, beverages, electronic value and much more to around 52.400 points of sale. Customers include petrol stations, kiosks, convenience stores, bakeries, food retailers and quick service restaurants.
Revenue 2022 (BN EUR)
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The Netherlands is the birthplace of Lekkerland - it was here that wholesalers joined forces for the first time in 1956 to form a group called "Lekkerland". Today, the Lekkerland Group is represented in the Netherlands by three companies: Lekkerland Nederland B.V., Convenience Retail Solutions and Convenience Concept B.V.. The national companies of the Lekkerland Group in the Netherlands achieved a turnover of 3.0 billion euros in 2022 with 740 employees. In the Netherlands around 9.500 sales outlets are supplied with confectionery, beverages, snacks, fast food, fresh products, tobacco products, non-food articles and telephone cards. To Convenience Retail Solutions To Convenience Concept B.V.  
Revenue 2022 (BN EUR)
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In Belgium, the Lekkerland Group is represented by Conway The Convenience Company België. As a wholesaler, Conway Belgium supplies 6.900 retail outlets with sweets, fresh products, beverages, tobacco products and telecommunications products. Conway Belgium has 500 employees and achieved sales of 1.8 billion euros in 2022.
Revenue 2022 (BN EUR)
Points of delivery
The system gastronomy experts of the Lekkerland Group are based in Spain. Conway S.A. is a full-service partner for all distribution channels in the food service and system gastronomy sector and achieved a turnover of 0.98 billion euros in 2022. The wholesale company's product range includes chilled, fresh, frozen and dry foods, confectionery, beverages, snacks, non-food, tobacco and telephone cards.
Revenue 2022 (BN EUR)
Points of delivery

Board of Management of the Lekkerland Group

Patrick Steppe, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)                                                                                     Hilmar Hübers, Chief Operating Officer (COO)

On all sales channels. Europe-wide.

In addition to Lekkerland SE and the national companies, the Lekkerland Group also includes other strong subsidiaries, shareholdings and brands. Each partner supports us in delivering perfect logistics solutions for our customers. How? You can read it here.


amv - the expert for non-food products
amv GmbH is a non-food specialist based in Munich and a subsidiary of the Lekkerland Group. The company’s diverse product portfolio includes branded electronics, audio books, books, gifts, sunglasses, purses and souvenirs.
More about amv
Cofact: Efficient billing through central invoice regulation
Cofact is a 100% subsidiary of Lekkerland SE and takes over the settlement of invoices between Lekkerland and its suppliers.

The central settlement of invoices enables Lekkerland to work efficiently with a focus on its convenience expertise and the business of our customers.

Lekkerland information systems

Digital solutions for customers and employees: Lekkerland information systems

What digital services do we want to offer our customers? How can we make ordering processes even simpler? Which technologies and tools best support Lekkerland employees in developing tailor-made concepts and solutions for our customers? Within the Lekkerland Group, Lekkerland information systems GmbH – or “Lis” for short – deals with these questions.

The company is based in Frechen near Cologne and is a 100% subsidiary of Lekkerland SE and the full service IT service provider of the group. In addition to developing digital solutions for customers and employees, Lis is also responsible for the operation of Lekkerland’s entire system and software landscape. The IT experts of the Lekkerland Group always work closely together with all business areas such as logistics, purchasing and sales and jointly develop modern IT solutions.

Would you like to know more about the Lis? Here you will find a field report of our colleague Christian Kaufmann.

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Trimex: importer and procurer of goods for the border business of Lekkerland Germany
For over 40 years, the Lekkerland subsidiary TRIMEX has been responsible for the import of Scandinavian food products and for the general procurement of articles that are relevant for border trade. TRIMEX trades over 2000 articles from the assortment modules confectionery, food, beer, soft drinks, spirits, wine, sparkling wine and pet food.

The Flensburg-based company cooperates with many well-known national and international suppliers.
The TRIMEX warehouse, including an excise warehouse for spirits, beer and intermediate products, covers around 10,000 square metres and is located in Neumünster, in the heart of Schleswig Holstein.

More about Trimex



e-va: three letters – a variety of prepaid offers.

e-va, an abbreviation for “electronic value”, is a brand of the Lekkerland Group and covers the entire prepaid range of the convenience expert. Whether reload credit, SIM, payment or gift cards – under the umbrella of e-va, Lekkerland offers vouchers and credit balances from the most popular providers and online stores at its points of sale in Europe.  The e-va assortment is available at over 30,000 petrol stations in Germany alone.

From Amazon to Douglas to the Vodafone credit, Lekkerland offers you the widest range of electronic value products. And that’s not all: Lekkerland creates the technical infrastructure for its customers so that they can also offer the high-turnover e-va range in their shops. We provide displays and coupon cards and develop new coupons together with you. We can provide you with the entire prepaid package from a single source!

Learn more about e-va
Frischwerk: Customer experience as a success factor
Lekkerland has developed and implemented a trend-setting convenience format for petrol stations under the Frischwerk brand. The shop concept combines innovations with best practice elements and focuses on a positive customer experience in the shop. This is achieved, among other things, with a modern and fresh shop atmosphere, the integration of a complete bakery and a spatial separation of the food service area from the classic fuel area.

The concept is currently being tested at various locations in Germany and was named “Shop of the Year” by a trade magazine at the beginning of 2018.  The industry association NACS is also convinced of Frischwerk and selected the innovative shop format 2017 with the „International Convenience Retailer of the Year Award“.

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TAKE OFF has been an established energy drink brand in the convenience segment for 20 years. The second most popular liquid pick-me-up has been specially designed for sale in petrol stations and continues to enjoy unbroken popularity throughout Europe. The success is given due to its pleasant energy drink flavor in combination with its reasonable price compared to A brands.

In 2018, the design of the brand was completely revised – for improved visibility and a high recognition value. TAKE OFF is available in four flavours in different packaging sizes – from the 0.33 l can for on the go to the 1 l party bottle.

More about TAKE OFF
Coffee Bean Company: The young, innovative coffee brand from Lekkerland
Really good coffee, sustainably produced – that’s coffee from Coffee Bean Company, Lekkerland’s coffee brand. Made from sustainably grown coffee from Brazil, the world’s largest coffee exporter, Coffee Bean Company coffee offers full flavor at a good price-performance ratio – and will therefore delight consumers and store operators alike. The coffee is available as Café Crema, espresso and filter coffee. Of course, our customers also receive to-go cups and napkins in the Coffee Bean Company design. On request, Lekkerland customers can receive the Coffee Bean Company as a complete solution in which we set up or expand their coffee business.
More about Coffee Bean Company

History of Lekkerland

From Confectionery Wholesaler to Foodservice Expert

The Lekkerland Group has a long tradition that began in the Netherlands in 1956. Several independent confectionery wholesalers merge to form a group with the name Lekkerland – in order to be able to supply their customers even better and faster. Only four years later, ten wholesalers sign the founding document of Lekkerland Germany. Their business: the supply of confectionery – primarily for petrol stations. At that time there was little to be guessed of fresh products in petrol station shops, the shelves were firmly in the hands of chocolate bars, gummy bears, sweets & Co.

Over the next decades the company grew internationally. What began as a merger in Germany and the Netherlands now develops into a transnational group of companies – with changes in corporate law: in 2007, the German business and the holding company are separated. The holding company becomes today’s Lekkerland SE, which forms the umbrella for all national companies.

In the following years, the food service sector becomes increasingly important in all Lekkerland companies. The aim is to bring fresh products to the shops for a quick and tasty snack-to-go and to meet the needs of consumers with suitable products and services. Lekkerland Deutschland is awarded the German Logistics Prize of the Bundesvereinigung Logistik (BVL) in 2013 for its successful fresh and frozen food logistics concept. One year later, the Lekkerland Group rolls out the concept of multi-temperature logistics in all national companies.

In 2012, the entire group of companies jointly develops a new strategy. “Convenience 2020 – Agenda for Success” accompanies Lekkerland to this day and sets the company’s development direction.

In 2017, the growth strategy was adapted to the constantly changing customer needs – the focus is on the customer experience: a central success factor for Lekkerland and its customers.

In spring 2019 REWE Group and Lekkerland Group announced that they want to create a new strategic business unit “Convenience” within REWE Group through a merger of the two companies. After approval by the anti-trust authorities REWE Group acquired Lekkerland Group at the turn of the year 2020.
By this Merger REWE’s expertise in the goods and category management business areas and Lekkerland’s logistical performance capability and varied wholesale expertise complement each other. Wholesale customers and end consumers will benefit equally from the combined strengths of both companies.

Now under the umbrella of REWE Group Lekkerland’ pursues its aim is to make working with customers at all contact points as easy and convenient as possible for them – in short: to be “your most convenient partner” for its customers.

What does this look like in practice? This way…

Compliance with Germany’s Supply Chain Act

The aim of the Supply Chain Act is to afford better protection of human rights in global supply chains. A holistic view of the supply chain has been a key element of our sustainability strategy for years. As a member of the REWE Group, we are committed to ensuring that there are no violations of labour, social, and environmental standards in our supply chains, especially at the cultivation and processing stages.

We implement the provisions of the Supply Chain Act within the REWE Group as required.

You can find more information here on the website of our German national subsidiary.