Top hit or flop? We are in the know!

Mobile consumers always want something new.

Identifying new trends and adopting them at an early stage therefore creates the key competitive advantage in the convenience sector.

There are good reasons why kiosks, filling station shops and convenience stores rank among the innovation drivers in retail.

Lekkerland’s product ranges provide each customer with the response to the latest demand.

In contact with markets

Our purchasers follow every trend across Europe, continually review our product ranges, compare sales figures, and swap products experiencing reduced demand for new products.

This is how our customers receive precisely the products their customers want without any time lag.

Communication with manufacturers

Lekkerland is in constant communication with industry focusing on the same objective. New products, package sizes or forms of presentation – Lekkerland joins forces with its industrial partners to promote new quality products continuously.

The result is product ranges that have successful sales!

Value Chain

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Modern and reliable.