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As a European full-service specialist for all sales channels in the convenience segment, Lekkerland is committed to international standards and regional flexibility. Lekkerland also demands maximum quality from its suppliers.

We receive a number of supplier inquiries every day. If you want to become a supplier to Lekkerland and enhance the opportunity of receiving a fast and positive response, you will find the following information helpful:

  • Who are you?
    • Name of the company
    • Name of the contact
    • Communication details for the contact
    • Which sector do you belong to?
    • Are you a producer, sales partner, importer, etc.?
  • Brief information on the company (one page)
  • What range or which product are you hoping to supply?
  • Brief product information and product profile

If your product is of interest to Lekkerland, the contact from purchasing responsible for this area will get back to you.

Ideally: Partner of Markant

MARKANT is a specialist joint venture for procurement and service provision involving a large number of independent wholesale and retail companies, including Lekkerland.

Our invoice system operates through MARKANT.

Ideally, you are already a member. If not, you should become a member if a business link arises in order to be accepted by Lekkerland as a supplier.

For more detailed information on MARKANT, click here.

Lekkerland works together with MARKANT and other procurement houses in several countries. For detailed information see our country pages.

Quality Management

Quality Management

You can rely on our quality.



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