Identifying wishes. Serving needs.

The same principle applies to a kiosk, tobacco goods store, bakery or filling station: Identifying the needs of the consumer and meeting those needs one hundred percent is the only route to long-term success.

Category Management enables Lekkerland to help shop operators consistently focus their product range on consumers.

Shop, product range and shelf optimisation

Our product-group management covers optimisation of shops, product-ranges and shelves, as well as the design of sales promotion tools.

This enables us to help our customers achieve higher sales, for example through an improved structure for their product range, or activities at the point of sale (POS).

Cooperation between retail and industry

Our product-group managers promote this cooperation by using IT-based evaluations, various control and monitoring systems, and our expertise as a wholesaler. Naturally our suppliers and manufacturers are also included in the process.

As one of Europe’s leading convenience wholesalers, Lekkerland has perfected its category management over many years and has been continually extending it. Our customers benefit from this commitment every day.

Value Chain

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