Value Chain

Lekkerland makes it easy for everyone.

Lekkerland offers its customers and partners a unique combination of wholesale, logistics and retail services.

Lekkerland focuses on concepts for individual product ranges and sales to suit different types of customer.

Value creation tailored to individual profiles

Lekkerland delivers a refined value chain tailored to a retailer’s individual profile – international or national, retail chain stores or independent retailers, local or regional outlets.

Lekkerland sets standards in project ranges, logistics and IT for major international customers as part of this value chain.

At the same time, Lekkerland provides a flexible partnership for several thousand independent local and international customers.

This is how we succeed in serving our customers both large and small, satisfying their desire to achieve peak performance for products, services, convenience and dependability.

Quality Management

Quality Management

You can rely on our quality.