Support in scope of Corporate Responsibility

Within the framework of the Corporate Responsibility strategy, Lekkerland supports various activities and projects that have a sustainable benefit to society in a structured way and in keeping with the company-wide guidelines.

Corporate Citizenship: sponsoring, donating, Corporate Volunteering

Lekkerland’s civic involvement as a company goes beyond its own business activities. As a “good citizen”, we support society through donations, sponsorship and Corporate Volunteering measures.

Criteria for relevant projects

The provision of support to projects through donations and sponsorship takes place at Lekkerland within a strategic framework with clearly defined selection criteria.

Lekkerland’s donation / sponsorship activities must:

  • be consistent with the corporate values as well as the corporate and CR strategy
  • be connected with Lekkerland’s business activity
  • be relevant to Lekkerland’s stakeholders
  • have a close connection to the locations/countries where Lekkerland is active
  • show continuity
  • be unique
  • be fair and transparent: so as not to place individual customers, suppliers or other partners at an advantage, individual measures are excluded.

The following list provides an overview of possible and excluded recipients of donations and/or sponsorship:

Possible Excluded
Educational establishments / universities Politicians / political parties
Food bank organisations Individual people
Lekkerland employees (as well as their dependents) within the framework of programs and concepts initiated by Lekkerland Individual customers, suppliers or other partners
Local cultural, social or environmental project/organisations/facilities Organisations for disaster
relief / development aid
Local not-for-profit institutions Large, well-known organisations/projects
Activities that have a direct connection with Lekkerland’s business activities with/for people under the age of 18 Activities that do not have a direct connection with Lekkerland’s business activities with/for people under the age of 18
Organisations that become economically dependent on Lekkerland as a result of the measure
Projects, organisations, etc. that promote the consumption of alcohol or tobacco, or the excessive consumption of confectionary


Please direct your queries regarding supporting sponsorship or donation activities to the person responsible for CR in the respective subsidiary.


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