The pillars and fields of action of Corporate Responsibility

We have defined important fields of action in the four pillars of environmental protection, product responsibility, employee orientation and social engagement: we are taking on responsibility here. Whether it’s about avoiding waste, quality assurance, employees’ health or the general well-being of society - we feel obliged to take on responsibility.

Environmental protection

Logistics is one of the core competences of Lekkerland. The warehousing and delivery processes consume energy and emit CO2 as well as other waste gases. That is why Lekkerland is striving to reduce energy consumption and emissions through a proactive approach with regard to our infrastructure, the behaviour of our employees, our customer approach and our organisational processes. Furthermore, we are trying to reduce the amount of waste that arises directly and indirectly as a result of our business.

Product responsibility

Trading on products for on-the-go-consumption requires extremely careful handling. For Lekkerland, the customer is at the centre of everything we do and demands utmost reliability. That is why we ensure the quality of the products in which we trade. On the one hand, by choosing mostly known brands, and on the other hand, through the high quality of our internal processes from receipt of goods to dispatch. In the case of our private brands, through self-imposed guidelines we endeavour in the long term to design the value creation chains of our products as sustainably as possible.

Furthermore, we assume our responsibility as a wholesaler where we have the greatest influence: in dialogue with our customers. We support their responsibility to provide information and discuss responsible consumption with them. In order to meet the growing demand for transparency, we provide the desired information to our customers in collaboration with our suppliers.

Here you can find extensive information on the subjects of product and food safety at Lekkerland.

Employee orientation

Our employees are a crucial success factor for Lekkerland. A corporate culture based on our values is crucial for achieving our objectives. In order to meet the associated challenges, we ensure our employees’ well-being, equality of opportunity and diversity in the company, as well as the possibility of developing oneself within Lekkerland. Since corporate responsibility is an integral part of the business model, we include our employees in communication on this matter and in relevant activities.

More information about occupational safety at Lekkerland can be found here.

Social engagement

Societies can only function well when their members feel responsible for their behaviour, join in social dialogue and act responsibly. That doesn’t just mean enjoying social amenities such as infrastructure, safety and organisational and legal business principles, but also assuming the obligations that result from being a citizen. We therefore take care of the area surrounding our sites and contribute to positive social development. For example, we support research professorships and not-for-profit organisations as part of our donation and sponsorship guidelines.

Lekkerland has published several studies on various aspects of on-the-go consumption. These can be found here.

All the essential information on this subject can be found in Lekkerland’s donation and sponsorship guideline.


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