Corporate Responsibility at Lekkerland

Lekkerland’s responsible handling of resources, partners, employees and products is based on the four strategic pillars of environmental protection, product responsibility, employee orientation and social engagement. Within these four areas, we have defined fields of action in which we are particularly active.

In the field of environmental protection, we have set ourselves clear objectives to reduce energy consumption and emissions and avoid waste where possible. Based on our carbon footprint, for example, we will develop measures to increase energy efficiency by 20% by 2019. In Germany and The Netherlands, we are already participating in the Lean & Green Awards, which serve to reduce the discharge of emissions. Companies that achieve the objectives that have been laid down receive the Lean & Green Star – in The Netherlands we have already received the Lean & Green Star Award 2013 for an improvement of 25%.

In June 2014 Lekkerland Germany introduced a plan of action in order to reduce carbon dioxide emission by 20%. After successfully being approved by TÜV Nord in terms of measures and calcutations, Lekkerland Germany received the Lean and Green Award at the ECR day 2014.

We are conscious of the responsibility that our role as a wholesaler brings with it and we attach great importance to fulfiling our obligations within the context of product responsibility and, in particular, quality assurance.

We ensure the employee orientation of Lekkerland by including employees in Corporate Responsibility activities. Furthermore, we have designed the working environment at Lekkerland in such a way that employees feel comfortable and stay healthy. We ensure the safety of employees during working hours using different measures.

In addition, we assume responsibility for the development of our local environment within the context of our social engagement.

Since 2012, Lekkerland has had a clearly defined organisation for the area of Corporate Responsibility. Various units in all countries are responsible for the operational implementation, the fulfilment of objectives, the further development of the strategy and the adoption of strategic decisions and new objectives. All the members of Lekkerland’s executive board are represented on the Corporate Responsibility board as a decision-making committee.

With these and other measures and structures, we ensure that corporate responsibility is an integral part of every activity at Lekkerland.


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