Compliance Commitment of the Lekkerland Group

The Board of Management of the Lekkerland Group has issued the following Compliance Commitment:

Compliance means abiding by the rules. We at Lekkerland fully understand this. For us, compliance means observing the applicable laws and Lekkerland's corporate guidelines. Respecting the principles of fair competition plays a particular role in this context. We live by these principles and expect the same from our business partners. We do not wish to do business with partners whose business practices are at odds with this understanding of compliance.

The success of our compliance management system relies on every employee taking on board all of the obligations relevant to Lekkerland and observing its internal guidelines when at work, and always performing his job in a responsible manner. This applies to every employee that works for Lekkerland, irrespective of job function, management level or location.

Code of Conduct

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