In all sales channels. Across Europe.

Lekkerland transforms on-the-go consumption into enjoyment.

Lekkerland supplies around 90,100 filling-station shops, kiosks, tobacco goods stores, specialist drinks markets, food stores, bakeries, fast-food chains, canteens and other convenience stores across Europe with about 660 trucks.

Full-range supplier to meet every need

The product range of Lekkerland offers tobacco goods, drinks, confectionery, snacks, bistro goods and prepaid products. Adjustments are regularly made to match new consumer trends, offer new products and update shop presentations with new products.

Ultimately, Lekkerland is Europe’s full-service partner for all retail formats that offer customers convenient consumption "on-the-go".

Number of delivery points 90,100
Warehouses 24
Commercial vehicles 656
Employees* 4,865
Sales in 2015** 12,484 Mill. EUR
Sales in 2015 classified as**
According to product ranges  
Food/Non-food 2,433 Mill. EUR
Tobacco goods 9,940 Mill. EUR
Commissions on electronic value (e-va)/miscellaneouss 111 Mill. EUR
According to sales channels
Filling stations 6,372 Mill. EUR
System customers 4,112 Mill. EUR
Regional customers 2,000 Mill. EUR

* Excluding apprentices
** Including tobacco tax
Status: April 2016

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Company structure



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