On-the-go? That’s us!

As a wholesaler, Lekkerland supplies tobacco goods, food-to-go, snacks, drinks, electronic value and much more throughout Europe.

Partner for all channels

We develop tailor-made shop and logistics solutions for all retail formats which offer convenient consumption to people on-the-go. We reinforce them with a large number of consultancy and service packages for daily business.

Lekkerland customers include a large number of kiosks, filling-station shops, tobacco-goods stores, beverage retailers, bakeries, department stores, bistros, fast-food restaurants and other sales channels for convenient enjoyment “on-the-go”.

Fine and wide distribution

Surpassing virtually any other wholesaler, Lekkerland has expert know-how in fine and wide distribution. It has specialised in retail trade carried out on a small area of floorspace.

Sales, logistics and full-service solutions

Lekkerland offers its partners a large number of sales, logistics and full-service solutions extending far beyond the product itself.

Category Management is one example where Lekkerland helps shop operators to create a winning combination and goods presentation for its products and ranges that is designed to optimise sales.

As individual as Europe

Everyone likes things to be a little different. Consumer aspirations vary from shop to shop and from region to region. That’s why Lekkerland doesn’t supply off-the-peg solutions but concepts and product ranges made to measure.

These solutions and concepts are developed in close consultation with industry and our suppliers, and this approach ensures we are a flexible and earnings-enhancing retail partner working across international borders. After all, we are “on-the-go”!

Lekkerland in Europe

Lekkerland in Europe

Consumption knows no borders. We show the way.