I like the fact that my job is a bit different each day

Gerrit Verbeeck, driver for Conway Belgium

My working day starts very early in the morning – and often every day is different. If I am delivering fresh and frozen products, my truck has already been loaded by colleagues working the night shift by the time I arrive at Lekkerland.

My role at Conway

For uncooled products, I load my vehicle’s freight compartment myself. When doing so it is important to closely check the picked products one more time before setting off – after all, I don’t want to arrive at the customer with the wrong order! Our objective is to make working with us as simple as possible for our customers – this also means that we do everything to avoid mistakes.

My career path

I have worked at Conway for four and a half years and am very happy here. I previously worked for six years as a driver at a competitor and got to know a colleague from Conway whilst doing that. You frequently meet colleagues on the delivery routes and we enjoy catching up. I liked what he told me – and that’s how I joined Conway!

„As a Conway driver I do more than bringing goods from A to B – I know my customers very well and I am their first contact if they have questions about deliveries. What I most love about my job is the diversity – every day is different!“
Gerrit Verbeeck, driver for Conway Belgium

What I value about Conway

As a driver, two things are important in my profession: being able to work with a good level of technical equipment and modern vehicles, and how people treat one another. At Conway, everyone treats others with friendliness and respect, whether they are management or colleagues. If there is a problem I can always talk to my supervisor and know that he will try to find a solution together with me. I like the fact that my job is a bit different each day – and of course being in close contact with my customers.

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