Wholesale trade. Taking a closer look.

Being in a partnership as a successful wholesaler involves more than just delivering goods. Lekkerland takes responsibility extending beyond the product.

Wholesale, partner and adviser

When the goods arrive in the shop, Lekkerland has already provided significant value added.

As a wholesaler geared to success, Lekkerland supports its customers in putting together the optimum product range for their particular sales channel.

This is achieved on the basis of continual analysis and an in-depth understanding of changing customer requirements. Agreement between industry and the retail trade forms the platform for this cooperation.

Being the first to identify and serve needs

Whatever the latest trends happen to be, Lekkerland identifies consumers’ latest needs early on, leads the way in integrating them in its product ranges and implements a marketing offensive to promote them.

This approach provides our customers with significant competitive advantages through tailor-made products and product ranges that generate strong sales.

Quality Management

Quality Management

You can rely on our quality.



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