Whenever. Wherever.

Our fleet of more than 800 trucks and sprinters, many of them equipped as environmentally friendly multitemperature vehicles, is on the road 24/7 in Europe. Our logistics centres have been established centrally and regionally in all the national companies. This ensures short delivery routes and a very high supply quality.

Cashless product picking

Lekkerland regularly sets benchmarks with its logistics. Our logistics centres operate with the latest warehouse control and goods selection facilities, for example voice and light based picking systems.

Route planning with IT

All drivers from Lekkerland are always trying to achieve a single objective with IT route planning and telematics: the shortest route to the customer. This saves time and cuts down fuel use.
Efficient and green at the same time: Many trucks have several compartments for up to three temperature ranges. This enables us to deliver the entire preferred range during a single trip.

Value Chain

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