Current measures of Corporate Responsibility

All defined measures of corporate responsibility serve to achieve a certain objective of our strategy. In order to make a significant contribution, activities must be relevant, efficient, feasible and timely.

Relevant means focusing on social issues that have a high level of business relevance. The greatest possible impact can be achieved here because of their high degree of controlability.

Efficient means applying a risk and reward approach to measures. This leads to an efficient integration of Corporate Responsibility into the corporate value proposition.

Feasible means defining measurable final states in order to ensure the achievability of objectives. It is in accordance with the saying “What you cannot measure, you cannot control”.

Timely means setting deadlines as a clear work objective for the implementation of measures. This leads to a commitment that strengthens the penetration power of Corporate Responsibility.

Since 2012 we have launched various measures internationally to implement Lekkerland’s responsibility as a company. For example, since 2013 we have had a data collection tool that we have used to record precisely Lekkerland’s corporate carbon footprint (CCF). At the middle of 2014 the first CCF report at group level was completed and certified in accordance with relevant standards. Building on this, we can define measures that allow us to achieve our objectives: increasing our energy efficiency by 20% within five years and thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions as measured by the business development.

This year Lekkerland has been developing a control system on the basis of our CR strategy which we also want to use to measure our corporate responsibility performance in the other three pillars of the Corporate Responsibility strategy. To this end we are defining objectives and indicators that provide information about how Lekkerland is assuming responsibility. From 2015, this system will then form the fixed framework for all measures within the context of our responsibility as a company. In this way we can achieve our defined objectives and measure our successes.

Lekkerland CR in Europe

An overview of the current measures can be found on the websites of the individual national subsidiaries.


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