Challenges for Lekkerland

Making the most of opportunities from digitisation

Digitisation is not a short-term trend. It is gradually changing our entire life – at home and at work. Digitisation offers Lekkerland lots of opportunities. We are able to develop new services and tools for our customers, open up new areas of business, improve our networks and position ourselves even better to meet customers’ needs. The platform for this is that we are undergoing a process of continual development. And this is precisely the challenge we have set ourselves.

How will we achieve this? We are now creating the necessary organisational and technological foundations so that we can respond efficiently and quickly at any time.

We are introducing new digital services in order to support our customers as they implement statutory regulations. Since 2015, Lekkerland Germany has been supplying a dedicated digital cash register system for kiosks and tobacco shops. This not only supports the implementation of legal regulations but also provides numerous additional services ranging from materials management, through evaluations, to placing an order.

Making the most of the opportunities for digitisation entails supporting our own employees with useful, modern tools. For example, the Sales Companion App has been available to the sales force in Germany since the end of 2015. This has enabled our colleagues to call up information like customer data on their tablets while they are on the move, record conversations or plan appointments. Thanks to this needs-based digital solution, employees are able to concentrate even more intensively on providing advice to customers.

Lekkerland is also reviewing its own internal processes and interfaces within the company. In order to accelerate these and structure them even more efficiently, we have started to harmonise the business and IT processes for the entire Group within the framework of the Become One project. In future, employees and customers alike will benefit equally from this project. A uniform system for customer support will be introduced which merges different kinds of information on a shop at a central point. This 360-degree view on the customer significantly improves the status of information for employees – and customers will receive even more intensive and professional support. Become One has already been implemented in some sections. Switzerland is currently planned to be the first country to move over entirely. This major project is headed by Christian Grotowsky, Head of IT at Lekkerland.

In 2015, additional programmes were initiated in some countries in the Group with the aim of modernising the company and promoting growth. In Germany, this programme means that the employee structure and workforce strength need to be adjusted. On the one hand, the creation of some 100 jobs is projected in promising areas for the future by the end of 2017. At the same time, some 300 jobs are no longer required on account of new structures and modern technology.

Anybody who wants to be successful in future must identify new business ideas and areas at an early stage. Since January 2016, the new Corporate Strategy & Business Development has therefore been engaging with these issues. The department initiates and implements strategic projects at international level on all aspects related to the channels for on-the-go supply and develops concrete recommendations for action at Lekkerland and our customers. The future of filling station shops is one of the big focus issues.

Our solutions: We are tackling the future

Challenges for customers

Challenges for customers

Understanding consumer needs and improving shop design